The Future of Health Services and Health Systems  

3rd International Health Sciences and Management Conference Final Declaration

The Third International Health Sciences and Management Conference has been held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria between October 3-5, 2018, with The American University in Bulgaria as the host. The conference has been organized with the collaboration of USSAM and The American University in Bulgaria and with the support of the universities of Moscow, Sakarya, Ahi Evran, Süleyman Demirel, and also with the support of HAKSAY, OHSAD institutions. Speakers and audiences from the US, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Taiwan, Bulgaria and Turkey attended to the conference. The congress hosted an opening conference, two panels and eight paper presentation sessions.

The opening speech on the topic of “The future of healthcare” was made by the rector of The American University in Bulgaria Prof. Dr. Emilia Zankina who thanked all contributors and the organization committee for choosing her university as the host of an event with such an important topic as healthcare.

Hal Wolf (Ph.D) who attended to the conference as the CEO of HIMMS that directed the digitalization of hospitals in 144 countries from around the world, stressed in his opening speech that the traditional healthcare paradigm was changing and that providing a digital and technological oriented healthcare was of a vital importance for healthcare providers. He further presented cases of hospitals from around the world with Turkey included which they certified with the digital hospital certificate.

The first panel of the conference with the topic “the future of healthcare” was presided by Prof. Arthur Pantelides. Johan Beun (Ph.D.) from the Netherlands showcased how the mobile healthcare in the Netherlands improved healthcare services by the case of the system. He explained that this system enabled location independent healthcare for 7/24. Prof. Dr. Oleg Medvedev from University of Moscow reported on the development and the benefits of Tele-medicine and mobile healthcare services that were provided in Russia. Dr. Dan Sava from Romania discussed the integration of primary care physicians with present day healthcare services.

The afternoon section of the congress began with the second panel on the topic “The future of healthcare and healthcare systems in Turkey” and was presided by Prof. Dr. Murat Topbaş. Prof. Dr. Musa Özata discussed the future of hospital healthcare services in Turkey by the city hospitals model and Associate Prof. Dr. Mahmut Akbolat discussed the aspects of change in healthcare, Assistant Prof. Dr. İlker Köse reported on the digitalization process of the hospitals in Turkey and Prof. Dr. Ramazan Erdem provided a healthcare sociology aspect on the topic of healthcare needs of the future.

65 oral and six poster papers have been presented in the parallel sessions of the congress. Around 80 academicians and healthcare professionals spoke, listened and discussed at the congress on the topics of healthcare institutions management, healthcare services management, healthcare policies and economics, healthcare sociology and healthy life quality. They enhanced their knowledge and experiences and developed their scientific network.

The end speech of the congress was made by congress chairman Associate Prof. Sedat Bostan who thanked and presented the plaques of appreciation to Prof. Dr. Musa Özata in behalf of USSAM, to Prof. Dr. Emilia Zankina in behalf of The American University in Bulgaria, to Prof. Dr. Ramazan Erdem as the head of the congress’ scientific committee, to the vice chairpersons of the congress Associate Prof. Dr. Taşkın Kılıç and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aslı Göksoy, and to Ramazan Aslan who acted as the secretary of the congress and to the other team members.

Associate Prof. Dr. Taşkın Kılıç

Congress vice chairman